Since 1964, Pioneer Financial has provided quality advice, strong personal relationships and extremely high ethical values to clients in the Pioneer Valley and throughout Western Massachusetts.

Our Story

Pioneer Financial was founded by George Wall as Automated Business Services, a Sole Proprietor Accounting Firm in 1964. The company prepared personal and business tax returns and provided small business with back office support such as automated payroll and bookkeeping. George’s vision was to build a company that would grow in strength through quality advice, strong personal relationships and extremely high ethical values. In the late part of 2000 his son, Edward, an Accountant and Investment Advisor, took over ownership and operations of the firm and has continued offering that service with the same spirit that George envisioned. Realizing that in the new century, most small business were now internally ‘Automated’, Edward changed the name to Pioneer Financial and added Registered Investment Advising to compliment its Accounting Services.

Our Strategy

Working with Pioneer Financial for your Investment & Tax Preparation needs allows the company to have an X-Ray view of your financial status. In developing and truly being able to read this x-ray of your ‘Financial Health’ we are able to develop much deeper ‘core’ solutions than ordinary financial services organizations would provide. Our strategy is a double angle approach and integrates both your Tax and Financial needs into one smooth holistic entity. The first angle provides an Investment Team which applies in-depth fundamental research and a rigorous due diligence process to selecting investments, constructing portfolios and monitoring investments that have the potential to produce attractive long-term rates of return. The second angle comes from our tax development side and uses tactics such as ‘Tax Loss Harvesting’ or ‘Investment Advice Fee Deductions’ to minimize your tax liability and maximize what you keep in your pocket each year.

Investment Management

Pioneer Financial strives to provide outstanding long-term investment performance and best-in-class service. We focus on the things you care about most; family, goals and priorities – even as they change over the years.

Investments to help achieve your goals

Pioneer Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor firm that provides full Investment Management Services. Our programs are delivered through the custodial platforms of Fidelity, TD Ameritrade and FolioFn and put the country’s top asset managers to work directly for you and your savings.

Managed Accounts

A managed account is the next level of investing. Most people, who invest, purchase a set of mutual funds from a broker and then hope for the best for that portfolio. A managed account supplies an Investment Advisor and an Investment Team who continuously modify your investments to “roll with the changes” of the market.

What’s Different?

With a managed account, you pre-authorize an Investment Advisor and an Investment Team to create and modify a portfolio that keep you in line with an agreed upon investment strategy. In a non managed account it is you who does the work of the Investment Advisor and Investment team.

Our Strategy

Always. It just takes some effort. At Pioneer Financial, we believe that we can do better for you. And better means more money in your pocket when it counts…at retirement.

Accounting & Tax Services

As tax professionals, Pioneer Financial is dedicated to earn that top mark. Whether for personal or corporate tax management, we strive to provide a complete service to relieve the burden of not just tax preperation, but also of the many additional tasks required.

Individual Tax Preparation

As Tax Professionals, we strive to earn that top mark. When you come into a Pioneer Financial office, you just get the feeling of honesty. We don’t try to sell you on additional services. Supply us with your tax information and let’s talk. Because in a relaxed pressure free conversation, we understand the essence of your financial story, and with that we are able to maximize your tax situation. And that boils down to dollars in your pocket and a smile on your face.

Corporate Tax Preparation

At Pioneer Financial we’re dedicated to understanding your business and how it relates to the mountain of tax laws. When you meet with us and become a corporate client, our relationship does not end when you walk out the door with a prepared tax return. We communicate with banks, loan servicing companies and in some cases suppliers on your behalf. We answer the tough questions and are able to help guide your back office accounting. Once we take you on as a corporate client, we dedicate ourselves and our resources to become a tool in your arsenal helping you conduct business everyday.

Tax Planning

Someone retires. Someone get a new job. A child is born. A couple gets married. A child goes to college. Everyday, change happens. And with this change, there are many factors that will drastically affect your tax liability. Pioneer Financial is here to help you prepare.

Our Promise

Pioneer Financial guarantees the accuracy of your income tax return. This entitles you to reimbursement of all penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority if an Pioneer Financial preparer makes a mistake completing your return. We offer electronic filing (IRS e-file) with completion and payment of tax return. This filing method is the fastest and most secure method. You can have your refund directly deposited into your checking or savings account.